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How To Choose Eyeglasses
oval FACE
oval Face Shape
You have slightly wider cheekbones and a gentle narrowing at the forehead and jaw? Some say that oval is the ideal face shape. Square, round, aviator or cat, you can have it all.
Try These For Your oval Face
Cateye Brown Stripe Frame

US $9.58 US $23.95

Round Yellow Frame

US $5.95 US $19.95

Square Tortoise Frame

US $ 17.95

Cateye Purple Frame

US $16.47 US $32.95

round FACE
round Face Shape
Your face has softer angles with slightly wider cheekbones and an equally wide forehead and jaw. Some say baby face, we say eternal youth! Add some definition to your face meaning sharper angles and straight lines as this will make your face look longer.
Try These For Your round Face
Rectangle Black Frame

US $13.56 US $16.95

Square Pink Frame

US $12.76 US $15.95

Square Blue Frame

US $7.00 US $20.95

Rectangle Green Frame

US $13.56 US $16.95

square FACE
square Face Shape
If your face has more angular lines with equally wide cheekbones, forehead and jaw. We suggest you go for rounder and softer shapes which will balance your strong jaw line and make your face look longer.
Try These For Your square Face
Round Tortoise Frame

US $2.95 US $18.95

Round Red Frame

US $5.95 US $18.95

Round Tortoise Frame

US $11.16 US $13.95

Round Purple/Tortoise Frame

US $9.95 US $20.95

heart FACE
heart Face Shape
If your face have full cheeks and generous forehead, stay away from square frames as they will only make what's wide, wider. To soften your strong features, go for light colors and rounder shapes. This will maintain your rhythm.
Try These For Your heart Face
Cateye Brown Tortoise Frame

US $9.95 US $19.95

Cateye Tortoise Frame

US $8.38 US $20.95

Cateye Black Frame

US $12.76 US $15.95

triangle FACE
triangle Face Shape
If your face is widest at the jaw and gradually narrows through to the forehead. You'll look great in glasses with strong brow-lines, like cat-eves, and frames with a double bridge.
Try These For Your triangle Face
Aviator Yellow  Frame

US $2.95 US $15.95

Aviator Gray Frame

US $15.96 US $19.95

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